APB in for numerous changes

Realtime Worlds’ fresh out of the gate APB is in for some changes, and plenty of them.

The MMO’s official blog informs that the developers have gathered “a huge number of issues, complaints, suggestions and requests covering all aspects of the game” which they’ll now get to work on.

Community man Neil Castle explains: “Because of the focus on getting the game stable and going through the process of launch, many of these (especially the ones requiring significant changes) may appear to have fallen through the cracks. But they didn’t – they”ve been sitting in our rather copious ‘to do’ list, waiting for us to have the time to begin to address them properly.”

Among the upcoming changes are improved vehicle handling, how combat “looks, feels and sounds, as well as weapon characteristics and tactics,” along with issues with camping, cheaters, matchmaking etc.

The problems are expected to be addressed “over the coming weeks”.

“It’s our goal to involve the community as much as is practical when tackling most of these areas – as we’ve said all along, and hopefully demonstrated throughout beta, RTW’s goal is to grow APB into the game that its players want it to be.”