Nintendo wants to see games use the 3DS motion controls

In a recent interview with Wired, 3DS Producer Hideki Konno outlined a few of the under-hyped features of the 3DS. Konno thinks players will, in the near future, see 3DS titles that focus on Wii MotionPlus-style controls instead of the system’s titular 3D graphics. The 3DS hardware features both a gyroscope and accelerometer for precisely tracking the user’s motions—a feature that has gone under the radar of many publications, masked by the whole 3D-without-glasses thing.

Konno is quick to point out that using tilt-sensing motion controls doesn’t have to ruin the 3D effect: “During our experiments, we have found that in a first-person shooter, we can use the sensor to move the aiming and the pointer. In that case, your line of sight is still quite rigid, your eyes are pointing at the screen, and so the 3-D effect won’t be diluted.” This sort of effect was shown off in their E3 tech demo, Face Ace.

Sure, if a developer wants their players to gather puzzled looks as they pivot their stiff upper body side to side like a robot mummy while they play their new motion-sensing game on the bus, the 3D effect can be preserved. But if a company wants to make something like the Game Boy Color’s Kirby Tilt ‘n’ Tumble, it looks like their players won’t get a great 3D experience (Also, I’m pretty sure Stephen Colbert is doing the VO for that Kirby commercial?).

Gyroscopic handheld games have been a major part of the iPhone’s videogame library. What sorts of motion sensing gameplay do you want to see on the 3DS?