Sony warns of the effects of playing in 3D

Sony has issued a warning: playing games with an added third dimension may throw some of your bodily functions off track.

With the added availability of displaying games in 3D on the PlayStation 3, SCEA updated their Terms of Service, issuing a warning, stating some may “experience discomfort (such as eye strain, eye fatigue or nausea) while watching 3D video images or playing stereoscopic 3D games on 3D televisions.” If the situation should arise, stand back until you feel good about just the two dimensions… take a break.

It should also be noted that, in the case of having a child below 6 seated in front of a 3D TV displaying 3D games, you should take your responsibility as a parent and stop playing — unless you’ve already been to the doctor with him/her, in which case, carry on. The awesomeness of a third dimension may be well beyond the child’s ability to perceive with comfort.

“The vision of young children (especially those under six years old) is still under development. SCEA recommends that you consult your doctor (such as a pediatrician or eye doctor) before allowing young children to watch 3D video images or play stereoscopic 3D games. Adults should supervise young children to ensure they follow the recommendations listed above.”

Don’t make us say “we told you so!”