$200 gets you Kinect, a launch game, and $30 gift card at Walmart

Microsoft hasn’t yet announced the official price point for their new camera/controller/non controller/life altering super device known as Kinect, but every finger under the sun seems to be pointing at $149.99 (in America, at least). That might sound somewhat unreasonable, but no matter how hard you cry, there will always be those people willing to pay big money up front for the latest and greatest just so they can say “yeah, I’ve got one of those”.

Those interested in being a first adopter for this new tech, mega retailer Walmart has the potential deal you might be looking for: A launch day bundle now available for pre-order that includes Kinect, any launch game of your choosing, and they’ll throw in a $30 gift card in for good measure. How much would you pay for all of this? $500? $1,000!?!? During this limited time internet offer, you can get the items for the low, low price of $199!

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, be forewarned that the offer expires July 23rd.