MadCatz Call of Duty: Black Ops controllers exist

Call of Duty: Black Ops hits shelves in November, and like any AAA release, it’s getting big time peripheral support from everyone’s favorite plastics manufacturer, MadCatz.

The news stems from Black Ops community man Josh Olin, AKA, the Robert Bowling of Treyarch, who tweeted a link to product images for the wares recently.

Here’s a list of the Blacks Ops gear you can snatch up this November.

PrecisionAIM Controller for Xbox 360 ($49.99), PrecisionAIM Controller for PS3 ($49.99), Controller Pack for Wii ($39.99), PrecisionAIM Mouse & USB Dog Tag Bundle ($99.99) and a Stealth Controller for PC ($29.99). Those are the ones that’ll likely be popular, but for a list of every item, check out the product listing.