EA sells their 15% stake in Ubisoft

Remember about five years ago when EA was 2005’s version of Activision and they bought 15% of Ubisoft? Thankfully the hostile takeover numerous people had feared never came to fruition, and Bloomberg is now reporting that EA has put their share in the French publisher — at the time the biggest stake in ownership by any entity of the company — up for sale.

EA says the stake has been viewed as a “portfolio holding” and not a means to strategically place themselves in a position to buy the company.

It’s estimated the stock is worth about 94 million euros ($122 million), which nets a nice profit for EA, as the cost of the 19.9% stake at the time of buying was only 68.9 million euros.

This leaves the Guillemot brothers, who originally founded the company, as the largest shareholders with a 7.2% stake. Financial analyst Connor O’Shea thinks EA exiting the company could “open the door” for another company (take a guess) to try a takeover.