Free Aion expansion to appear September 7th

After losing nineteen game servers this month, it’s not all grim news for Aion fans. The free expansion to the flying MMORPG, Aion: Assault on Balaurea, has finally been given an international release date.

NCsoft announced today that the expansion will be available to download on September 7th. There will also be a boxed retail version with some bonus content in the form of exclusive ‘pets’; The US retail version will appear on the same day as the digital release, followed three days later with a European version on September 10th. No US or European pricing has yet been revealed.

The new expansion places a stronger emphasis on team combat, allowing players to team together with others to mount large-scale assaults against the evil Balaur. Other improvements include some new and updated instances, an increased level cap (from 50 to 55) and a range of new weapons, skills and flight mechanics.

For the official deets check out the official site.