New Mass Effect comic dives into Illusive Man

Mass Effect‘s Illusive Man is quite the mysterious fellow. No one seems to knows much about him but his orders are pretty much the word of God as far as the shady Cerberus organization is concerned. Who is he? Where did he come from? And, for that matter, how did Cerberus came to be?

These and perhaps other questions will be answered in a new four-issue comic, Mass Effect Evolution, that Dark Horse will be releasing. As co-writer John Jackson Miller explains, “Evolution is a story from the early days of the Mass Effect universe, not long after the discovery of the Mass Relays connecting our solar system to the galaxy.”

“It shows us one of those important moments when humanity realized just how dangerous that galaxy was. Yes, there’s wonderful opportunity out there, but there are also perils; as our story opens, we’re in the middle of the First Contact War with the alien turians. We don’t know much about the enemy, and they don’t know much about us — and, as we’ll find out, there’s a lot more at risk than losing a starship or a colony.”

The series won’t be answering every question, but should give a “good sense” of the chain smoking Man.

The first issue will be released in some time in January, 2011.