Updated / StarCraft II development costs exceed $100 million

Update: Nope

Original story: The road to bringing StarCraft II to retail has not been a cheap one. According to a piece in the WSJ, the six-year project has sucked over $100 million from Blizzard’s pockets.

The report doesn’t mention where exactly the lofty figure originates from but, if even vaguely accurate, it places the sci-fi RTS firmly among the priciest games ever made.

The first game in the series, the Terran-focused Wings of Liberty, will be released later this month, on July 27 in both Europe and North America, and is expected to sell several million copies — and at $60 a pop also recoup development costs — relatively quickly.

Wings of Liberty will be followed by Legacy of the Void and Heart of the Swarm at later dates.