Bungie fields community Halo: Reach questions

Yesterday was Friday, and that means one and only thing for Halo-heads: the arrival of the Bungie Weekly Update. This week’s entry was heavy on information on all sorts of Reach goodies, but what was arguably most intriguing was Bungie’s Q&A session with its beloved community.

Questions on Reach‘s campaign were posed to Campaign Design Lead, Chris Opdahl, and he graciously answered every single query with great detail.

The session touches on a variety of Reach campaign specifics, including how the game will treat newbies, how past Halo entries have affected the design of Reach, how Bungie went about setting the campaign’s dark mood, and lots more.

We won’t steal Bungie’s thunder (not that we even could), so check out the Weekly Update for full, detailed answers from the game’s maker.