EA “Summer Weekend” sale sizzles Crysis (Warhead)

Some say the summer months are a time for enjoying the outdoors, grilling assorted meats, imbibing recreational beverages, and basking in the heat. Others would say “it’s too damn hot” and prefer to stay indoors and play games. For that second group Electronic Arts today kicked off its Summer Weekend Sale, which hacks and slashes prices of PC games every weekend this summer.

The promotion kicks off with Crysis and Crysis Warhead seeing a 50% reduction in their normal going rates (now down to $10 and $15). The deal on those two runs until…tomorrow, July 18, so you should probably act quickly.

Gamerdeals got its grubby hands on the alleged discount schedule which is said to include other EA properties like Mass Effect 2, Need for Speed: Shift, Spore, Dead Space, Dragon Age: Origins, and others.

If my PC could run either Crysis title I’d be all over this. What about you? Have a rig capable of handling these digital behemoths?