New 3DS Kid Icarus to possibly include cherubic deathmatch of sorts

Since we really only learned that a new Kid Icarus game, Uprising, is actually in development just a little over a month ago, and what we know is pretty much from one trailer, it’s really based solely on our imaginations just what to expect from this game. That, and when developer Masahiro Sakurai drops that an online versus mode is totally possible.

In a recent interview with GameMaster magazine, which will be published in whole in their September issue, Sakurai discussed the online components of the game and that they’re “currently being tested.”

“There could be some versus play but we can’t go into any detail,” he says. “There are a lot of capabilities that expand on what was in the DS that people are taking advantage of.”

Two things: Online Kid Icarus shooter gaming sounds like it can be nothing but good coming from the man who brought us Super Smash Bros., and it’s exciting to consider the ways Nintendo is going to expand online functionality on the 3DS. Expect Kid Icarus: Uprising to appear on or mighty close to the launch of the 3DS, which will be sometime on or before March of 2011.