The MMO Round-Up / July 18

The MMO Round-up captures the genre’s most notable happenings of the week in easy to consume, bite-sized portions.

Star Wars: The Old Republic isn’t the only MMO BioWare is working on at the moment.

Final Fantasy XIV doesn’t look like it will be heading to the Xbox 360.

Star Trek Online easily sees themselves potentially going the way of Lord of the Rings Online with a hybrid free-to-play business model.

Big changes coming to APB as an overhaul to many of the game’s core mechanics are underway.

The Aion 2.0 expansion is coming on Sept 7, mark those calendars.

Star Trek Online lets you build your own ship.

Here is what you’re not going to get from Champions Online.

CryEngine 2-based ArcheAge is going into beta soon, hopefully you know Korean.

Runes of Magic revealed a new zone called Northern Janost Forest.

Rhode Island offered up a $75 million dollar loan to 38 Studios if they move their operations from Massachusetts to the island state.

The popular Lua script language is coming to Turbine games which should make the modding community very happy.

ArenaNet revealed the Ranger class from Guild Wars 2 for the all the world to see.

Take a gander at the zones you’ll be visiting in City of Heroes: Going Rogue.

TERA developer talked about the game’s PvP and endgame in a recent interview.

The Fallen Earth development team addressed the community in a state of the game announcement.

The upcoming expansion to Darkfall has unfortunately been delayed.

SOE sends out a security alert for all Everquest II players, be careful out there!

SOE laid off 35 employees this week, Vanguard and Everquest II are affected.