Black to leave Codemasters, Bodycount

Outspoken and no-stranger-to-the-word-“f*ck” game designer Stuart Black will be stepping away from his latest project, Bodycount, as well as current home Codemasters later this year, the studio has confirmed.

Black has been acting as the creative director on project, due out next Spring, but is set to leave in October with senior producer Andy Wilson stepping in for the show and tell events in the interim.

The reasons for the departure aren’t being disclosed. While Eurogamer understands it’s due to a very dramatic sounding “post-E3 fallout,” a Codemasters representative has denied it, saying such a fallout “simply hasn’t existed.”

“Everyone playing Bodycount at E3 gave it positive write-ups. But there were a few people who looked at what were videos of very early code and commented on forums about them. I mean, would they rather us show an FMV?” the rep told Develop. “I think that’s what some people may interpret as an ‘E3 fallout’, but it simply hasn’t existed.”

The same rep declined to comment on the actual reasons behind the departure though. A chance to speak with Black directly was turned down as well.

Bodycount‘s executive producer Tom Gillo has also left the project. It is “not connected” to Black’s exit plans though, according to the rep.