Blur sequel ‘the plan’ for Bizarre

You wouldn’t know it from its not-so-great opening month, but Bizarre Creations’ Blur is going to be “a big franchise” for the Activision-owned studio.

At least that’s according to design manager Nick Davies who says the plan has always been to have “the number one racing franchise.”

“[Blur] came out at the same time as ModNation Racers and Split/Second. It rates incredibly highly and it’s a very popular game, and I think it’s going to be a slow-burner,” Davies has told GamerZines.

In its opening month of May, the racer sold 31,000 copies in the US and debuted at number 14 on the UK charts.

“I think the multiplayer will stay for a long time and I think people will come back to that time and time again, long after some of the other games have gone back to the second-hand shelf.”

He added: “Blur‘s a fantastic game, and it’s the start of a big franchise for Bizarre.”

When asked about a possible Blur 2, Davies replied: “That’s the plan, yeah.”

“I don’t work on the Blur team specifically so I can’t speak for them, but it’s always been the plan to make the number one racing franchise. That’s as much as I can say!”