Twisted Metal nearly visited the apocalypse

Fallout 3, Rage, inFamous, Borderlands, Fuel, MotorStorm Apocalypse; the world of gaming is no stranger to the post-apocalyptic setting. It’s a bit of a problem, but one David Jaffe and team are glad they passed on as the setting for their new Twisted Metal game.

Jaffe’s blog is a space that constantly delivers intriguing rants, hints, and info about his games. One of his most recent entries reveals a concept for Sweet Tooth’s return that was ultimately scrapped. Sporting a rather awesome picture of the crazed clown in a gas mask, Jaffe revealed: “There was a time- 2 years ago about- that the new PS3 Twisted Metal was going to be set in an apocalyptic wasteland. Co-Director Scott Campbell was not in favor as he doesn’t dig the whole post apocalypse vibe. So we nixed it. Good thing we did given the glut of apocalypse style games now flooding the market. Scott so smart! :)”

Scott so smart indeed; I may have eaten my hat if Sony had two upcoming vehicle games with a post-apocalyptic theme. Instead, the new Twisted Metal looks far more likely to be the actual cause of an apocalypse. There’s a Friday panel at Comic-Con for the new title, let’s hope some nice new details come out of that.