Capcom vs. Namco a likely title – possibly two seperate games

The upcoming game that was teased and tweeted by Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono could very well be Capcom vs. Namco. And/or Namco vs. Capcom, a slightly different title for a very different fighting game, GameInformer gave reason to believe.

To provide a little backstory to this speculation, it was noted at the EVO World Tournament last week that both Ono and Katsuhiro Hirada, producer behind the Tekken series, joined each other on stage and began teasing the crowd about a title to be revealed on July 24th at Comic-Con. With the two producers on stage going at it, it didn’t take long for onlookers to begin speculating a collaboration between the two juggernauts of fighting games, and so gave birth to the dream of the Capcom and Namco Bandai crossover.

The dream may very well become a reality, as GameInformer goes on to point out that their sources have told them of two games that will be made from the crossover of the two companies. If the information remains sound by July 24th, Capcom will be making Capcom vs. Namco, a 2D fighter utilizing the Street Fighter IV engine and Namco Bandai will create Namco vs. Capcom, a 3D fighter running the Tekken 6 engine.

With several arrows pointing towards the realization of the new crossover and the thought of Ryu uppercutting a panda bear making the idea all the sweeter, followers should get ready to see a trailer – or two – for the upcoming title at Comic-Con this Saturday, July 24th.