Silicon Sisters to launch in Vancouver

Longtime industry veterans, Brenda Bailey Gershkovitch and Kirsten Forbes, announced today that Silicon Sisters, a new video game company, will be stationed in Vancouver. What makes Silicon Sisters different from other companies, though, is their aim: to make games for a predominantly female audience.

“The video game industry is experiencing a rebirth of sorts,” says Forbes, now COO of Silicon Sisters. “PC online gaming is up, social networking has become pervasive, and mobile platforms are ubiquitous. Women are adopting games on these platforms in droves. It’s time to get serious about delivering quality games into this burgeoning market.”

CEO Gershkovitch adds that they are not looking to “pinkify” games, as “girls and women game differently than boys and men.”

“Silicon Sisters has studied these differences so we can make games that truly appeal to and resonate with the female audience.”

Forbes and Gershkovitch definitely fit the part for Silicon Sisters’ aim, as the two share a robust history in both the industry and being advocates for girl gamers. Gershkovitch, former COO of Deep Fried Entertainment, chairs the Vancouver chapter of Women in Games International and is also a member of GDC Canada’s Advisory Board. Forbes was a former executive producer at Radical Entertainment, with eleven top-selling games under her belt to boot, and is a veteran industry advocate for girl gaming preferences. Together, the pair has 18 years of industry experience.

This is, without a doubt, just the beginning, as games are becoming less and less of a male-dominated past time; according to a report by the Entertainment Software Association, female gamers make up 40% of the overall gaming audience and are among the industry’s fastest growing demographics.

Silicon Sisters are currently working on two projects for the PC and mobile platforms.