Codemasters: Microsoft won’t have trouble selling $149 Kinect

Kinect’s newly-announced price point of £129.99 ($149.99) will not be a factor in the number of devices Microsoft will be able to sell this year. That’s the belief of Codemasters’ CEO Rod Cousens who reckons the platform holder must be confident that it’ll be able to shift all the units it can manufacture in the calendar year.

“The price point will doubtless have been researched and influenced by the timing of release and the anticipated achievable volume from the Xbox 360 devotees who will want to be first in line for the latest offering,” Cousens has told CVG. “Microsoft will be confident about selling all it can make this year.”

After the holiday rush on the other hand, “it will be interesting to see if there is rapid downward price migration early on in 2011,” he ponders.

“By bundling with a game, it implies a standalone price target of sub-£100 – which is where Kinect will need to be if it is to attract mass and establish itself as a platform.”

The  £129.99 / $149.99 Kinect / Kinect Adventures bundle was announced yesterday, along with a $299 4GB console bundle that comes with both.