Dead Space Ignition’s looks, puzzles revealed

EA has revealed what Dead Space Ignition, the hackable pre-Dead Space 2 interactive comic if you will, will look like, as well as shed some more light on the mini-games included.

There are three total; Harware Crack (a puzzler), System Overdrive (a tower defense-like affair), and Trace Route, which EA showed off during its Redwood showcase yesterday.

Basically a top-down racer with on-the-fly alternating perspectives, Trace Route has players avoiding obstacles, looking out for and hitting objects that give a speed boost, and laying traps for the competing AI.

The puzzles play into the prequel story by way of the player’s character, a techie named Franco Delisle. At the end of each story sequence, the player’s presented with one of the three, each of which get progressively more difficult as the game advances.

See below for the first shots of Ignition, due out some time this fall on PC, Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.