Enslaved not planned as a series

Enslaved, developer Ninja Theory’s colorful October-bound sci-fi adventurer, is not planned to be a series of games.

According to co-founder and boss Tameem Antoniades, the studio isn’t automatically expecting success for the title or holding back ideas for future games, but rather cramming “every cool idea and concept” they’ve come up with into it.

“For this game this is the one story, we focus everything on that one story and pretend there won’t be a sequel,” he’s told CVG. “So no, we don’t have a big arc.”

After Kung-Fu Chaos and Heavenly Sword, both stand-alone titles, the studio’s “in the mindset” that there won’t be a second game unless the first one does well, Antoniades explains. “…we don’t assume it’s going to be successful.”

Should the game perform, however, adding to the universe shouldn’t be a problem.

“There are ways to extend it out, I’m not worried about that. I just didn’t want to leave anything hanging – I hate that.”

Enslaved‘s out in North America on October 5th, and in Europe on the 8th. A demo and post-release story-based content are planned as well.