Gears of War 3 does charity

Epic Games and Microsoft, in cooperation with Child’s Play Charity, have announced that they will be accepting donations through Epic Games’ upcoming title, Gears of War 3, starting July 29th.

While a game that looks like this can be seen as anything but charitable, Epic and Child’s Play managed to come up with a campaign that fits the Gears universe surprisingly well: allow fans to decide the fate of the newest Carmine brother, Clayton Carmine.

For those new to the series, in the past installments of Gears, a character by the family name of Carmine would be introduced, then swiftly KIA’d in the early hours of the game. This time, however, it seems that the third iteration of the series’ reoccurring inside joke may be stopped at the hands of the fans.

The charity works by allowing players to buy one of two avatar t-shirts via Xbox LIVE, the shirts acting as a means for players to cast a vote regarding Carmine’s fate. On one shirt, the words “Save Carmine” can be seen, indicating the player’s choice to let Carmine live. On the other, the words “Carmine Must Die” are printed, adding a vote towards Carmine’s death. All proceeds from the t-shirts will go to Child’s Play.

I’m not the most sound when it comes to ethics, but putting a virtual man’s life at risk in place of the lives of children around the globe sounds great to me.