Square Enix announces Final Fantasy Legends

Square Enix has been giving mobile phones a whole lotta lovin’ recently, launching original titles Chocobo Panic and Chaos Rings and re-releasing Final Fantasy I and II for iOS devices in the past year alone. It looks as though this mobile ambition isn’t stopping as Square Enix has announced a brand new title called Final Fantasy Legends: The Warriors of Light and Darkness for Japanese mobile users, straight from the development team who created 2008’s WiiWare and i-mode game Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.

From early screenshots, the game returns to the visual style we saw in The After Years – full of 2D 16-bit sprites reminiscent of the pre-Final Fantasy VII games. The new game also retains the ATB gauge seen in the majority of the main series.

The game will feature a brand-new episodic story, with a boy called Soule headlining the cast; in true Final Fantasy style, the protagonist gets swept up in the middle of a battle between good and evil for control over powerful mystical crystals.

Legends will hit Japanese mobiles as early as September and the first chapter will be introduced as a free download, with following installments costing between ¥315 and ¥525 each.

So far there has been no mention of whether the new title is likely to reach Western shores at all, but hopefully Square Enix has learned from the successes of porting The After Years on WiiWare last year and will follow suit with this title too.