No new Hitman game until Christmas 2011 “at the earliest”

It’s been a while. IO Interactive hasn’t given us a new Hitman game in over four years. Here’s one more fan saying it: A fifth game is overdue. Sadly, according to “one source” of Eurogamer‘s, the wait is going to last until Christmas of 2011 “at the earliest.” Ouch.

While that wait seems forever, many a folk have been finding means of speculating about the next game all the same. Variety magazine reported word of a new movie in the franchise coming out next year, leaving many to suspect that a story tie-in would happen. But IO themselves squashed that rumor when a community manager said there’s just “no way” they’d base a game’s plot on a licensed film. Then some new images sprung up on none other than NeoGAF forums, which were later explained as having nothing to do with the new game.

While it’s good to see a lot of clear signs that a new Hitman is at least in the works, we still have quite the wait ahead of us. It will be nice when an announcement rolls around, or at least actual images, or footage, or some dude in front of a webcam saying “It’ll be great!” Anything, really…