Capcom explains why only RE5 Gold will be Move-enabled

If you’re wondering why Capcom isn’t letting us play a Move-enabled Resident Evil 5, it just so happens there’s an explanation–and a good one at that.

In a recent playtest of Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition with PlayStation Move, a Capcom representative explained that the motion controller requires a free memory resource. Keeping this in mind, Capcom developed the Gold Edition with a free memory slot for PS Move. As for the original, Capcom wasn’t aware of the Move at the time of development and used up memory resources for a different feature.

No free memory resource, no PlayStation Move.

The playtest also went on to describe the mechanics of RE 5: Gold. It plays out like one would expect; The analog stick makes Chris move and the Wiim–er, wand, can be used to aim. The trigger button puts Chris into targeting mode, where you can point and shoot using the wand in conjunction with the move button. Shaking the wand will make Chris reload, a la The House of the Dead 4, and doing the same while out of aiming will make Chris pull out his knife.

The game also allows the option to play with a DualShock 3 instead of a navigation controller, but doing so might be a little uncomfortable if not silly-looking.

Expect to see the Move-enabled Gold Edition around the time PlayStation Move arrives on September 15th and 19th for Europe and the US, respectively.