Epic Mickey getting digicomics, graphic novel

Epic Mickey will be making the increasingly popular move of publishing written word prior to the game’s own launch; Disney Publishing Worldwide will be releasing both Disney Digicomics and a graphic novel based on the Warren Spector game.

The Digicomic, “Tales of the Wasteland,” is a prequel story told through six eight-page editions sporting the game’s settings and characters. They feature art from Claudio Sciarrone, are penned by Peter David, and will be released for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

David is also lending his talents to the graphic novel, a 64-page affair featuring game-inspired artworks from Paolo Mottura and Fabio Celoni.

The novel’s an adaptation of the upcoming Wii-exclusive and will be released both digitally and in print, but anyone best not be getting any ideas; as the game features multiple endings and more narrative than pages in double digits can hold, “you’d be cheating yourself if you just got the graphic novel,” David cautions.