Ubisoft predicts over one million Michael Jacksons

As if the array of dancing games already and future published by Ubisoft weren’t enough, the company is working on Michael Jackson The Game, a game that is said to be “unique” in its genre. And one that will sell.

“We feel that this title will definitely be a million-seller,” UK MD Rob Cooper said in an interview. “We hope that it will be one of the bigger titles for this Christmas season. It’s a unique game in its genre, allowing fans to step into the shoes of Michael Jackson.”

Cooper added that the King of Pop himself approached the developer and publisher about making a game based on his well-known dance films.

“We were approached quite a long time ago by Michael Jackson himself to build this game as he really liked what Ubisoft had done in the past. We’re so excited with this opportunity and to be a part of the legacy that he has left,” he said.

The game will be available this holiday on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii as well as on portables DS and PSP.