Aonuma on Skyward Sword’s art style

We all know Shigeru Miyamoto likes to get inspired for his work. After all, the man gets a puppy and out comes Nintendogs, he starts gardening and we get Pikmin, bathroom scales led to Wii Fit, and so on.

In case you’ve been wondering where Miyamoto got the idea for the look and gameplay of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, producer, Eiji Aonuma, recently told Nintedo Everything that Miyamoto’s inspiration is none other than impressionist art.

“One of the reasons we’ve chosen the art style we have with Skyward Sword is that it is a better vehicle to showcase the exaggerated characteristics of some of the characters,” Aonuma explained. “Not only of the enemy characters, but as a representation of the sword spirit itself.”

Pretty deep stuff there. It should also be noted that the E3 build of the game introduced a new style of combat where players need to pay attention to the stance of an enemy to successfully lay blows. Aonuma went on to say that this new gameplay mechanic was complimented by the art style, as it made it easier for players to recognize enemy stances.

“We thought that because we want to highlight the swordfighting combat, we have to exaggerate the features,” said Aonuma. “We thought that the art style we chose was best-suited to do that. You have to match the art style to how the game plays, and we thought this worked best…We matched the artwork so that we can highlight the over-exaggeration in the gameplay.”

Keep an eye out for the over-exaggerated title as it’s set to release early 2011.