Blizzard teases possible console development

With StarCraft II finally hitting store shelves, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm due later this year and Diablo III in the queue for sometime next year, it might seem odd for Blizzard to be talking about a potential new game, let alone one for consoles. But they have done just that and are hinting at a possible unannounced title aimed at consoles.

Blizzard VP Michael Ryder has talked about the possibility: “In the more recent years it has been PC and online orientated. But we play all kinds of games at Blizzard. We try to learn wherever we can. We play console games and we are up-to-speed on the console platforms. And if we see an opportunity where the game design would work well on the console, then maybe we will go that way. We just haven’t announced anything yet.”

Under normal circumstances one might think that there is nothing to construe from the above comments, except the part where he states they “just haven’t announced anything yet.” We’re not going to read too much into it, but the comments are interesting.

A new console game from Blizzard would be a return to its roots when the company was still called Silicon and Synapse and making games like Rock n’ Roll Racing and Lost Vikings. Ryder explains: “Our heritage actually goes back to console, in the early years Blizzard made console games. It’s not the heritage, it’s the design decisions and what we think is best for our players.”

Perhaps Blizzard is just looking to branch out a bit more and explore what’s available in the console market. Maybe they still have a bad taste in the mouth from the cancellation of StarCraft: Ghost. Whatever the case may be, we’re very interested to see what Blizzard might have in store for consoles, if there is, in fact, anything at all.