Digital Extremes bringing The Darkness 2 to light?

I loved the original The Darkness from Starbreeze. Something about running around trying to extract revenge while being possessed by an evil spirit that uses tentacles and summoned minions just hits the spot. It seems that another spot will be hit as the game’s sequel appears to be under active development by Digital Extremes, most recently known for giving a helping hand with BioShock 2.

According to an online resume, texture artist Emmanuel Pappas is currently working on The Darkness 2‘s textures as well as props and environments. Pappas also listed himself as being “Team lead – Mansion.” I find this interesting because the last part of the original game was set in a mansion, leading me to believe that the story will continue from there, effectively shattering my hopes for a prequel type of game, allowing us to play as Jackie’s great-grandfather.