’10 million units,’ says BioWare

Successful people set high goals, it’s just the way things work; It just so happens that EA’s BioWare just likes to set them a little higher, as vice president and co-founder Greg Zeschuk said in an interview that they’d like to see every title sell at least 10 million copies.

“We need to sell 10 million units. That’s actually the new target, right?” Zeschuk said, plain and simple.

“We do Top 10 games, or stuff is quite successful. I know [Mass Effect 2] is number eight so far this year, in North America. Sometimes I’m facetious when I say some of those things, knowing that we can sell a few million but seeing that someone else can sell 25. You’re kinda like, ‘Well, that’s a hit!'”

BioWare’s newfound determination to reach beyond 8th place is inspiring, sure, but who knows? Maybe 8th is the new 1st.

Zeschuk went on to say: “We always joke that if we only do half as well as Blizzard on Star Wars: The Old Republic, we’ll be quite satisfied. We’ve been very fortunate.”

Get ready to see some more action from BioWare soon, as a new weapon pack and the Lair of the Shadow Broker mission are on their way to Mass Effect 2 via DLC.