Capcom: Lost Planet 2 ‘underperformed substantially’

The second quarter of 2010 was not kind to Capcom; according to a financial report released today, the company’s net income for April-June plummeted 90 percent when compared to the same time last year, the culprits for which were ‘substantially underperforming’ Lost Planet 2, ‘sluggish’ Monster Hunter Tri, and ‘struggling’ Ghost Trick.

Super Street Fighter IV and the online and Japan-only Monster Hunter Frontier Online on the other hand “showed steady growth.”

The EU/US markets have been “shrinking under the stagnating economy” and losing money to bad exchange rates at a time when development expenses for the company’s flagship products are on the rise, Capcom also notes. A problem they intend to solve by “renovating” Japanese development and “updating” the overseas alliance model.