EA outs Battlefield 3, beta access with MOH

EA COO John Pleasants and former DICE CEO Fredrik Liljegren have already revealed that it’s in the works, but now it’s formal; Battlefield 3 is coming.

Next to weapons, camouflage, and the remastered Medal of Honor Frontline (PS3 only), EA’s announced that all Limited Editions of this year’s Medal of Honor will be shipping with an invite to a Battlefield 3 beta.

Details on the DICE-developed shooter are thin on the ground for now, but the testing is said to take place within a year of MoH‘s release. That’s before November 2011 then; Medal of Honor releases on October 12 in North America and October 15 in Europe.

A quick update on the on-going beta as well. Namely, EA’s revealed the end dates: the sampling of the PlayStation 3 and PC versions will end on July 31, and the Xbox 360 version on August 9.