Retailer lists Black Ops’ Hardened and Prestige editions

As if there was any doubt, it looks like online retailer has listed Hardened and Prestige editions of the upcoming sure-to-make-millions entry in the always-makes-millions Call of Duty franchise, Black Ops: the Hardened edition at $79.99 and the Prestige at $149.99, the same prices as the special editions of Modern Warfare 2.

Thinking back to last year’s Prestige edition, complete with working night vision goggles, one can only wonder what will be in the box this time around. It has quite the “awesomely useless” stature to aspire to.

It appears that no longer has the listings up on their site. The original news report, though, shows screenshots verifying its former existence. I’m sure the pre-order pages and official info on these special editions will come soon enough. After all, the game is coming November 9, which really isn’t all that far away.