Sharp rise for Kinect pre-orders

Kinect has ousted quite a bit of doubt surrounding Microsoft’s choice to price the motion sensor at £129.99, as pre-orders for the device are on a sharp rise.

In a report by MCV, at the way things are proceeding, “sources” are expecting pre-orders to reach the 500,000 bar in the UK by launch day.

Kinect’s popularity is also a sign of the times for retailers, as the Kinect was initially condemned by key voices for being priced over £100. Now that it’s showing promise of its success, the same key voices are praising the price tag as “reflective of the product’s playability and appeal to a wide range of customers”.

Phil Moore, sales director for Grainger Games, further elaborates on the matterV: “We have taken a large number of deposits for Kinect already and it is set to become our biggest pre-order to date. This tells us the device’s appeal has not been affected by the price point.”

With Kinect showing hard proof of its impending popularity, it may be about time for Sony to start making its next move (nudge, nudge) to match the motion control wars by the end of this year.