Two Worlds II trailer returns to new and improved Antaloor

The original Two Worlds was panned by many critics because of its buggy engine, but developer TopWare Interactive is trying to right the ship with the cleverly-named sequel Two Worlds II. This time around they promise to push the RPG envelope and not just settle for a poor man’s Oblivion.

In order to accomplish this, a whole new engine has been created; one that allows them to build the PC and consoles versions at the same time instead of clumsily porting from PC to console. There will also be a much bigger world with more varied locals as well as a leveling system that allows the player to customize his or her character as it gains experience (not just at the beginning of the game).

RPG fans who played Two Worlds have earned the right to be skeptical of the sequel, but the major adjustments by TopWare might just convince a return to Antaloor by former doubters.