The MMO Round-Up / Aug 1

The MMO Round-up captures the genre’s most notable happenings of the week in easy to consume, bite-sized portions.

Star Trek Online celebrated a sixth month milestone this week and came at us with a “State of the Game” address.

Everquest II jumped the shark and is going free-to-play. Seems like a lot of MMOs are doing that these days.

To hell with regional loyalty, 38 Studios has been wooed away from Massachusetts and is moving to Rhode Island for a hefty $75 million dollars.

The 1.07 patch is due out next week for the FPS MMO MAG which should bring some much need updates.

A developer diary from Turbine this week gave us insight into Lord of the Ring Online’s scaled instancing and its rewards.

A fair amount of cosmetic issues were addressed this week in Fallen Earth with the release of the 1.6 patch.

Are you concerned with account security in Runes of Magic? Rest assured because the game’s developer is aware and on the job.

A video diary from City of Heroes: Going Rogue this week showed off some of the new powers coming in the expansion.

Jagex, makes of RuneScape, are not only hard at work on a 2nd MMO but apparently have a third in the works as well.

City of Heroes: Going Rogue shows off some of the new Kinetic Melee powers.

Want the skinny on what those exchange shops in Pirates of the Burning Sea are all about? Lets find out then.

The Freya patch for Lineage II got pushed to the test servers, got dated and its patch notes detailed.

The level cap in Guild Wars 2 has been confirmed as being 80, get the hot pockets ready.

Richard Garriott – 1 / NCsoft – 0. The former head brain for Tabula Rasa won his case against the MMO publisher awarding him with 28 million crisp dollars.

It will be a while before we can actually play Mythos but a cinematic trailer will do for now.