Bring out your….villagers! Fable III pre-order perks

The return to Albion will be fraught with adventure, peril, rebellion, etc. Another surprise will be waiting for those who put forth their pre-orders, though. The ability to construct a villager from the ground up, and bring it to life. Well maybe not completely the ground up, but there are over 2,000 different combinations available with control over everything from appearance to personality and backstory.

Creation is free to try by going to the Fable III website and giving it a go. If you would like to have your villager arrive and greet you in the game, however, all you need is an activation code acquired from pre-order. When this is done you’ll have a meeting to look forward to on the game’s release. Along with their greeting and existence throughout your journeys, your villager will also give you a “fortune” of 1,000 gold and a special quest.

Feeling in the sharing mood? Your villager is even willing to be shown off on Twitter, Facebook, or just hang out on your desktop after you’ve finished your hard work.

Fable III is available for pre-order in two variants. The basic game for £44.99 ($59.99) and the Limited Collector’s Edition for Xbox 360 coming in at £59.99 ($79.99). The latter is chocked full of everything you’d expect a “Limited Collector’s Edition” to be chocked full of including: downloadable content, an exclusive quest, dog breed, outfit, playing cards, a Guild Seal Coin and more. All of which will be wrapped up in a book format for your viewing pleasure.

If you were looking for a quick rundown on how to create a villager of your very own, Lionhead is one step ahead and provided their own handy little video.