Like Brokeback Mountain, you can’t quit Halo: Reach

We’ve all been there – you’re having the game of your life, racking up headshot after headshot, ahead by miles on the leaderboard – and then the host up and quits, deep-sixing your game of a lifetime. Turns out the folks at Bungie are not blind to your pain and have built in some penalties in Halo: Reach for quitting a match.

In a recent interview with Xbox360Achievements, Bungie Community Director Brian Jarrard explained that habitual quitters will be identified and removed from the game’s online community. Quoth Jarrard, “We actually have new tools now to detect that and eventually, people who do this habitually will actually be penalised. We want to be able to remove them from the population so they can’t make everyone else keep having a bad time.”

Quitters be warned – Halo: Reach is not the game for you!