PS Store holding a 50% off Summer Sale

Over the past few years, the downloadable space of the videogame realm has thrived during the annual summer drought, and Sony is looking to keep that trend going with a week long sale on the PlayStation Store.

From now until August 9th, fifteen different games across the PS3, PSP, and PSP Mini platforms are 50% off, but much to the chagrin to our international readers, the sale is only valid in North America. Better luck next time, old bean.

Some of the highlights include Fat Princess for $7.49 and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars for $14.99, but if you’re going to make one purchase during this sale, I can think of very few ways in which spending $4.99 will bring you more joy than spending $4.99 on PixelJunk Shooter. Unfortunately, this sale doesn’t reek of as much awesomeness as the absolutely bonkers sales that Steam likes to run every six months, but I don’t see the PlayStation Store selling things 90% off anytime soon.

Also, if you’re seeking a complete list of the games on sale, your quest for knowledge can be fulfilled with nothing more then one click of the mouse.


  • Fat Princess – $7.49 sale ($14.99 reg.)
  • PixelJunk Shooter – $4.99 sale ($9.99 reg.)
  • Groovin’ Blocks – $4.99 sale ($9.99 reg.)
  • Madden NFL Arcade – $7.49 sale ($14.99 reg.)
  • Wakeboarding HD – $7.49 sale ($14.99 reg.)


  • The Eye of Judgment Legends – $14.99 sale ($29.99 reg.)
  • echoshift – $7.49 sale ($14.99 reg.)
  • Patchwork Heroes – $4.99 sale ($9.99 reg.)
  • Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars – $14.99 sale ($29.99 reg.)
  • Lunar Silver Star Harmony – $14.99 sale ($29.99 reg.)


  • Tetris – $4.99 sale ($9.99 reg.)
  • Dracula Undead Awakenings – $2.49 sale ($4.99 reg.)
  • Monsters Probably Stole My Princess – $2.49 sale ($4.99 reg.)
  • Zombie Tycoon – $2.49 sale ($4.99 reg.)
  • Bloons – $1.49 sale ($2.99 reg.)