Kinect gobbles up ‘less than 1%’ of 360’s CPU

You might be worrying that with all the power of Kinect’s motion tracking magic there might not be much room left in compatible games for the kind of tech we see in many AAA releases. Fear not; Ubisoft’s Frederic Blais who handles all the Kinect stuff for the company is here to wipe those worries away.

When asked about the rumors as to Kinect taking up a whole CPU core, Blais replied: “That’s not true at all. I don’t really know how much I can talk about it but it’s less than 1% [of the CPU’s power], or something like that.”

Therefore he’s convinced that using Kinect will not put a strain on the games using it: “…we could apply Kinect to an action game and still put the same kind of action on screen”.

Reassurringly, it looks like Blais is thinking like most gamers in terms of motion controls: “I think that technology’s really cool when it’s faster than a controller, or you do something that you can’t do with a controller. These are the rules of Kinect design.”