Lionhead gives staff a week off, expects ideas afterward

What happens when Peter Molyneux, at times a self-admitted “creative tyrant,” lets the inmates run the asylum for a week later this year? He hopes by showing the staff that “giving people the creative freedom in what we do is important,” what will happen are very good things.

”I’m introducing something at Lionhead,” said Molyneux. “It’s going to be this creative week where, nearer Christmas time, everyone in the studio is going to have an entire week to do whatever they want.

”And at the end of the week we’re all going to come together look at people’s ideas, and that’s going to form the foundations of what happens next at Lionhead.”

Molyneux does admit the open sharing ideas shouldn’t be limited to a single arbitrarily chosen week, instead insisting that “anybody at Lionhead should absolutely feel free to come to me, or a lead designer, and give their honest feedback. I consider that very, very, very important.”

Maybe one of the ideas brought up after that week will be to either finish Milo or can the poor boy. How about it, Lionhead?