NBA JAM to be available only through NBA ELITE 11

Attention, non-Wii owners, NBA JAM is finally confirmed for PS3 and 360, which would explain the recent ESRB sighting of the title. Sort of.

The game won’t be available through PSN and XBLA like many games of this kind are wont to do, but rather through a $59.99 purchase of NBA ELITE 11.

A recent post on the PlayStation Blog stressed this point: “Another important note to share with all of you — the ONLY way you will be able to play NBA JAM for the PS3 is to buy NBA ELITE 11.:”

Another post on ESPN confirms the same for Xbox as well.

To make things a little more sour to the taste, JAM will come without the Wii version’s “Remix Tour” mode, leaving players with the Play Now, Classic Campaign, and Online modes. Yuck.

Look for the two basketball titles, capitalized letters and all, to hit stores October 5th. Also be on the lookout for returned copies of ELITE, if you catch my drift.