Transformers MMO in disguise/development

Fans of autobot action gave a welcome sigh of relief when Transformers: War for Cybertron actually turned out to be pretty good last month. However the war of decent Transformers games still rages on, with a new challenger approaching; a Transformers MMO.

NetDragon have announced that they’ll be working on a Hasbro-sanctioned massively multiplayer game for the franchise. These are the guys behind the upcoming Dungeon Keeper Online, for those of you that know your Warcrafts from your Everquests.

Don’t get too excited just yet, unless you’re reading this in China, Russia, the Middle East, Asia, or North Africa though (yeah, all two of you). These are the only territories the game has been confirmed for release in. Given the success of Micheal Bay’s Transformer films, and the popularity of the recent game, we’re pretty confident that the Autobots will do battle with the Decepticons in these parts of the world too.