Gory goodies: new Mortal Kombat screens released

The pioneers of videogame violence just rolled out some new screens. Blood-lusting fans will be excited to see that Warner Bros. Interactive’s new Mortal Kombat is looking brutal as ever. The images, which ran first in the August issue of GameInformer, have now made it online. The screens showcase Scorpion, Sub Zero, Kung Lao, Sektor and Mileena engaging in the usual round of fatal fisticuffs.

NetherRealm Studios takes MK back to its gruesome roots with a 2D plane while introducing a new combo system, graphics engine and revamped fighting mechanics. Creative director Ed Boon has assured that “this game really is a response to what players have been demanding.”

Get ready to Finish Him / Her sometime in 2011, and check the trailer for moving pictures.