THQ slams Modern Warfare’s “steroided-out super soldiers”

Okay, maybe THQ didn’t quite slam Modern Warfare, Activision’s billion dollar war machine, but they have tried to distance Homefront, their upcoming entry into the military minded first-person shooter fray, from their competition by claiming it won’t feature “steroided-out, super soldier[s]” running around “pristine,” “movie studio” set pieces.

“The most important thing about Homefront is that it completely differentiates from [Modern Warfare and Medal of Honor],” said THQ’s Danny Bilson in an interview with CVG, stressing Homefront‘s focus on “not just fear and adrenalin [but] emotion.”

“There’s no steroided-out, super-soldier, waving the American flag, saying, you know [puts on gruff Yankee voice]: ‘We’re rangers. Toughest guys in the world.’ You know? It’s like: No interest in that.”

“All the tonality of Homefront is very different to what’s out there today. It’s violence with consequence,” he added. “Everything we’ve done in this comes after looking at history, looking at occupied lands and guerrilla warfare throughout time…What we’re telling the story of is civilians fighting for their homes. We’ve created this massive world of 2027. And it’s global. We’re a global company. No jingoism here. Some of that’s political, some of that’s personal.”

Though I respect THQ’s efforts to add a little “civilian misery” to the otherwise staid and sterile genre, I still say blowing shit up is global. A good fiery, debris-filled explosion knows no political, sociological or geographical boundaries.