Ubisoft eager to bring games to new hardware

When it comes to creating software to go with the newest technology, Ubisoft seems to have an early advantage over other third-party developers. That’s because Ubisoft was the only company to have games presented on stage at the E3 press conferences of all three major console manufacturers.

Taking creative risks with a game like Child of Eden could make for a much stronger Kinect launch and a competitive advantage for Ubisoft. By creating a unique Kinect game right out of the gate, they are positioning themselves to be Kinect’s premier third-party developer… as long as the game and the hardware are successful.

Says Ubisoft’s Rob Cooper, “It’s the first parties who choose the content of their press conferences so that, to me, was a real testament to the quality of our games and Ubisoft’s willingness to be out there first on new technology.”

Ubisoft is creating strategy title R.U.S.E. for the PS3’s Move peripheral as well as Assassin’s Creed Lost Legacy for Nintendo’s 3DS.

Microsoft, as well as Nintendo and Sony will no doubt appreciate Ubisoft’s efforts to share in the risk of developing software for new technology.