Rage’s controls built like Modern Warfare 2’s

Activision’s Modern Warfare 2 is the biggest game in history, and one of the largest entertainment properties of all time. With over 20 million units sold to date, it’s no surprise that competing shooters are taking note of what Infinity Ward did, and implementing it into their own games.

The latest title to do this? id Software’s Rage.

The September issue (they’re from the future) of Official PlayStation Magazine has an interview with id Software’s creative director Tim Willits where the man is quoted saying Rage copied Modern Warfare 2‘s controls.

“We tried to engineer the first-person controls much like Call of Duty,” he told OPM. “Because when something sells like 20 million copies, you don’t move the jump button.”

There you have it, Rage will feel like Call of Duty, at least a little. Is that a bad thing though? Infinity Ward created pretty much the tightest, most powerful control system ever.