Runic ‘ran out of reasons not to do Torchlight II’

The recent Torchlight II announcement came as a bit of a surprise; an MMO based on the universe developer Runic had created is what everyone was expecting next after all.

Why a sequel first then?

“There are a couple reasons,” CEO Max Schaefer explains. “I think that we were overwhelmed by the response after Torchlight came out. Everyone said they loved it, and there were generally good reviews, and I think that literally every comment in every review said it would’ve been better with co-op”; as announced yesterday, Torchlight II comes with LAN/online cooperative play.

The more they thought about it, Schaefer continues, “a nice, co-op Torchlight experience” could be delivered considerably quicker than an MMO.

“We decided to do it, because it’d make the MMO better in the long run because we’ll have a little more experience with making a multiplayer Torchlight, and it’ll give people what they want in the meantime.”

“We kind of ran out of reasons not to do it,” he says.

Torchlight II is currently scheduled for ‘spring 2011’.