Amanita Design offers ‘Pirate amnesty’ with $5 copies of Machinarium

If you can’t beat them, guilt them I guess.

Machinarium, as we’ve already established on this website prior, is pretty darn awesome. Lots of people around the interwebs seem to like it, but it’s too bad around 90% of the people who enjoyed the game didn’t pay for it. I’ll skip the plea for self regulated morality this time, but odds are if you’re reading this and you played Machinarium, you pirated it (you know who you are). If you have even the slightest shred of guilt over stealing from Czechoslovakians who spent three years of their lives and money from their own savings to create a fantastic product, Amanita Design is offering you redemption.

From now until August 12th, the Czech developer is having a “Pirate Amnesty” sale where you can pick up a legal, bonafide copy of Machinarium for $5, and they even throw in the game’s fantastic soundtrack for good measure. Amanita hopes the low price point will encourage all the pirates who literally wouldn’t pay a penny for the Humble Indie Bundle will buy this now. Good luck with that.

Oh and if you didn’t get the message already, this game rocks, and at $5 it really rocks.